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Playa del Carmen

getting from the Cancun or Cozumel airport to Playa.

Transportation From Cancun

Airport Travel Tips!

-It takes about 45 minutes to get to and from the airport. Departing Cancun you need to be at the airport two hours before departure. Lines can be long, and Cancun does hand-inspect all checked luggage.

-US Travelers may lock their luggage, although TSA can open your luggage, if they need to. You may purchase special locks that TSA has tools they can use to open your luggage, enabling them to relock it afterwards.

-Lighters are not permitted in checked luggage and are considered a dangerous goods item.

-Strike-anywhere matches are prohibited and considered a dangerous goods item.

-You may bring a corkscrew in carry-on luggage, but it may not have a blade. They usually see them in the machine, so it's best to just put them in checked luggage so you won't get delayed going through security.

-You may not bring a cattle prod in your carry-on luggage.

-(you never know)

-For more info check TSA's Probhibited Items List.

-You may or may not get: a snack, a pillow, a free bag of pretzels, the full can, a magazine, a movie, and/or a smile on your flight. Be prepared, bring your own, but do know you are restricted from bringing many foods, along with a host of other items through US Customs.

-For Mexican Customs information and a wealth of other information please reference:
Tips for Travelers to Mexico.

Transportation From Cozumel

Getting Around Playa del Carmen

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